I am Afia and a true natural born Artist. I always knew i was different and wanted to do something in Art. I started as a Visual Artist and explored different things in Art, then i settled for makeup. I always liked makeup. I am sure everyone does but i liked makeup so much that i used to ruin my mom lipsticks when i was younger, by putting them all over my face. I used to get so many compliments through out my high school and university that my eyeliner is so even and straight and how do i do it? and how long does it take?. I used to get flattered by these comments. 
As i was progressing in my Visual Arts studies, i wanted to do more in Makeup Artistry. Long story short i took a course and got inspired by loads of wonderful makeup artist in the world. One of them is UK born Naeem Khan, and began to pursue as the best Makeup Artist ever.
Little bit about my makeup.Everyone is curious what is in my kit. I have spent fortune on my kit and have lots of makeup. 
Most important is that i take care of my makeup like i would take care of my new born baby. My Makeup is good quality. It is very important for me to take good care of the cleanliness of my Makeup because i am using it on my clients face. My makeup and brushes are highly sanitized
What do i want from my clients?. Trust in me!  i want my clients to feel relaxed and let me know what they want and maybe listen a bit of me, what i think will look good, but i don't push people. I like to know what they want and i will do exactly that.
hire me and i will make you feel beautiful. :)
Thank you for reading my blog